Stossel in the Classroom

This division of CIT creates and distributes free DVDs and streaming videos from popular TV journalist John Stossel to middle school and high school classrooms across the Americas. We also offer two economics DVDs for high school and college, "Making Economics Come Alive with John Stossel" and "The Power of Markets vs. the Failure of Regulation." Accompanying teacher guides offer ways for teachers to use the videos in their classrooms, as well as suggestions for other activities to supplement the lessons, which challenge conventional wisdom about many of today's issues. We also sponsor annual student essay and video contests based on a John Stossel show.

The Roy A. Childs, Jr. Fund for Independent Scholars

This division of CIT issues grants to classical liberal scholars who are not associated with an educational institution or research organization, and who are producing publishable book-length manuscripts, to allow them to see their manuscripts through to publication.

The Thomas Szasz Award

This award is named for the great iconoclastic psychiatrist, author of The Myth of Mental Illness and many other books, and professor of psychiatry emeritus at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, until his death in 2012. The Szasz Award is awarded annually to an individual or organization judged to have contributed in an outstanding degree to the cause of civil liberties.

Andrea Rich (1939-2018) Tribute Video